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1. Tteokbokki 떡볶이

Tteokbokki Korindia
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Tteokbokki spelled as ddukbokki, ddeokbokki, dukbokki, or topokki). Tteokbokki is one of the most popular street food in South Korea. Tteokbokki is not only popular in South Korea but also very popular in international food markets. Tteokbokki is a stir-fried dish consisting of a cylindrical-shaped rice cake that is served with sweet and spicy chili sauce, boiled eggs, and fishcakes.

Once you start eating this dish you will get addicted to its taste. It can be eaten as a complimentary dish with other Korean dishes too. It is very easily available in any part of Korea. You can find it in any snacks bar or snacks stall. The price of this street food varies from place to place generally it costs about 300 Won (US$ 0.26) to 14,000 Won (US$ 13).

Let's get to the history of this dish, this dish was introduced during the Joseon Dynasty, in that period this was used as a cure and was one of the royal court's dishes.

Earlier it was known as Tteok jjim. A dish that was once a very expensive royal court dish is now the cheapest street food item easily foundable in the streets of Korea.

2. Odeng 오뎅

Odeng korean street food korindia
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Odeng is the true Korean street food that gives you the Korean experience. In English, Odeng means fish cake.

Odeng is especially eaten more when the weather is cozy and cold because this dish is served warm with broth. Odeng can be also called Korean fish cake. This dish is made of fish paste mixed with different ingredients like rice wine, starch, flour, and other spices, kneaded and shaped, then steamed and fried, finally ready to eat.
It is served with one wooden stick which helps people to eat and handle properly.

You can buy Odeng from numerous street stalls in Seoul. Its price range from 500 Won (US$ 0.5) to 8,000 Won (US$ 7.50)

3. Sundae (Soondae) 순대

Soondae korindia korean streetfood
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Sundae is popular in North Korea as well as South Korea. It is a blood sausage in Korean cuisine. It is made by steaming cow or pig's intestine stuffed with various ingredients.

Sundae is generally consumed by Koreans during special occasions like festivals, family gatherings, etc. Sundae is an expensive street snack sold in snacks bar and street snacks stalls and even in markets

You can discover Sundae at Seoul’s various street food vendors at the cost of 500 Won (US$ 0.50) to 7,500 Won (US$ 7.00)

4. Mandu 만두 (Korean Dumplings)

Steamed Mandu
Img. Src. Credit : @chd_mandu

Mandu is a type of Korean dumpling which is filled with a mixture of meat and various vegetable. mandu can be cooked in different ways like boiled, steamed, pan-fried, deep-fried, etc.

It can be cooked meat-free also with only vegetables. Mandu can be served as a side menu. Korean population enjoys eating mandu at festivals like New Year.

Mandu or Korean dumplings are available in the price range of 3000 Won to 12,000 Won (I.e. US$ 2.64 to US$ 10.56)

5. Japchae 잡채

Japchae best street food of south korea
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Japchae actually means 'mixed vegetable'. It is a sweet and savory dish of stir-fried Korean sweet potatoes and starch noodles also called glass noodles nicely paired with thin strips of beef or pork along with various vegetables.

The noodles are topped or served with vegetable, meat and mushroom also seasoned with soy sauce and sesame oil. It is also eaten along with rice.

It can also be stored in the refrigerator and consumed until 3-4 days after microwaving it.

You can eat japchae at a price range of 3000 to 5000 Won (I.e. US$ 2.63 to US$ 4.39)

6. Ppopgi 뽑기 (Dalgona)

Ppopgi dalgona candy korindia
Ppopgi (Dalgona candy)
Img src. Credit : @foodsurvivorr

Ppopgi or Dalgona is an extremely famous South Korean sugar candy. It is also called 'gukja', 'poppki', and 'Dalgona'. The trending Dalgona coffee is named after this candy.

It is made up of sugar and baking soda. It looks hard but it is very soft and airy due to baking soda.

These candies are given so many different shapes like heart, star, flower, etc. to make it look fancy and also to attract people who love candies. for example, small children love to eat Candy.

7. Gimbap 김밥

Gimbap Korindia
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Gimbap or kimbap is a Korean style Sushi roll made up of cooked rice and also with various ingredients that are wrapped in gim (sheets of dried laver seaweed).
It's divided into equal-sized slices before serving.

This is often packed to eat at picnics or outdoor events. It is a popular takeout food in South Korea. Gimbap can also be eaten with kimchi.

You can experience this great dish in under 5,500 Won (US$ 5.00) at a very reasonable price.

8. Hotteok 호떡 (Korean Pancake) 

Hotteok korindia
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Hotteok is a type of Korean style pancake stuffed with a sweet and savory filling.

lt is made up of wheat flour, water, sugar, milk, and yeast and then it is pan-fried. The sweet mixture is made up of brown sugar, honey, chopped peanuts, and cinnamon. It can also be eaten as a breakfast.

Hotteok is a very cheap street food similar to other Korean street food. You can get them for as low as 500 Won (US$ 0.50) to 10,000 Won (US$ 9.25)

9. Gyeran bang 계란빵 (Egg cake)

Gyeranbang korindia
Gyeran bang
Img. Src. Credit : @abeeventures

Gyeran bang is a sweet egg cake most commonly eaten as a winter snack when it is cold throughout South Korea. It's Egg bread is fluffy oval-shaped bread in sweet and Savory with a whole egg inside the dough.

The egg bread is cooked until it's Golden in color which creates a beautiful attraction towards people which makes them craving.

Its common topping includes chopped parsley, cheese, and diced ham. Geyran bang is very cheesy.

One could buy it from Korean street at 500 Won to 1000 Won (under US$ 1)

10. Hoeori Gamja 회오리 감자 (Tornado Potatoes)

Tornado-Potato Korindia
Tornado Potatoes
Img. Src. Credit : @626nightmarket_bayarea

Hoeori Gamja is also called Twist potatoes or Tornado fries are popular in street potato dishes. potatoes are deep-fried in with thin spiral-cut on potatoes and covered with various seasonings such as onions, cheese, or honey. It is sweet and spicy in taste.

In 500 Won (US$ 0.50) you can get a stick with a whole fried potato on it, it’s great for pictures too.

These were some of the most popular Korean street food with their prices, ingredients, details, or information.

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